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CAS & CODATA Joint International Training Workshop 2019,Sep 8th -20th ,Beijing, China


The " Joint International Training Workshop on Scientific Big Data and Machine Learning" sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences ,CODATA and undertaken by CNIC was held in Beijing from September 9 to September 20, 2019. Twenty five trainees from 17 countries including Kenya, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Tanzania, Thailand, Mongolia, Morocco, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russian Federation and China participated in the training.

Liao Fangyu, director of CNIC, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Director Liao Fangyu extended a warm welcome to all the trainees and expressed that his hope to promote the establishment of scientific and technological data cooperation partnership with developing countries through this training, and also to promote in-depth cooperation with developing countries in international science and technology cooperation projects. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Jianhui, who is also the vice chairman of CODATA. And Xu Haiyan, director of Business Development Department of CNIC, attended and gave a report.

In the following 12 days of training courses, the training course was taught by high-level experts from CODATA, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University. The teaching contents mainly include: cyber Infrastructure and e-Science, space science data management and Applications, scientific research cloud computing and cloud storage services, geoscience data management and sharing, data analysis in R, python program for data analysis, open data repository and data management plan, machine data learning, material simulation and data management, and big data management in IHEP national data center, data visualization, etc. At the same time, the course adopts the combination of teaching and discussion, classroom teaching and field investigation. The students will be guided to visit the Institute of high energy physics and the data visualization Laboratory of Peking University, and attend the 2019 international CODATA academic conference held in Beijing Friendship Hotel.

The international big data and machine learning training course aims to promote the application and development experience of big data in China, the application and development experience of big data in China, scientific data sharing and application services in "the belt, the road" related countries, technological cooperation and innovation and development with developing countries, and also enhance the influence of China's development of scientific big data.