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Global Open Science Cloud Workshop Connects Policy, Science and Technology Experts for Open Science Infrastructure


Held virtually on November 3 and 4, the Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) Workshop connected more than 80 experts from international organizations and five continents to discuss policies, research priorities, technology challenges and funding opportunities related to the development of a global e-infrastructure for supporting open science. The workshop was organized by Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), EGI Foundation and Committee on Data (CODATA) for International Science Council (ISC) with Dr. Tiziana Ferrari (EGI), Prof. Jianhui LI (CNIC), Dr. Simon Hodson (CODATA) and Dr. Mark Dietrich (EGI) as conveners. 

Proposed by CNIC and its partners during the 2019 CODATA Conference in Beijing, GOSC aims to connect different international, national and regional open science clouds and platforms to create a global digital environment for borderless research and innovation. To make this concept more concrete and inclusive, CNIC has been working with CODATA, EGI and GéANT to specify the concept and make implementation plans with a pilot cooperation on developing the cross-continental testbed between China Science and Technology Cloud (CSTCloud) and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) funded by the CAS and the European Commission. 

As a start-up event to discuss the preliminary conceptual model, framework and roadmap, the workshop brought together representatives from international organizations such as UNESCO, ISC and its Committee on Data and Research Data Alliance, e-infrastructures from different countries or regions such as China, Europe, Africa and Australia, data-intensive research communities such as particle physics, space physics, astronomy and earth science, and funding agencies such as CAS, European Commission and U.S. National Science Foundation. Based on the key findings identified during the wrap-up session, CNIC will work closely with CODATA, EGI, GéANT and other stakeholders to design GOSC framework, develop cross-continental testbed, and designate prioritized tasks with potential use cases driven by challenges from space physics, molecular biology, big Earth for SDGs and other data-intensive research communities.

For details, please contact Dr. ZHANG Lili (zhll@cnic.cn).