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The First 10G Low-latency China-European Terrestrial Research Circuit Opened


China Science and Technology Cloud opened the first 10 Gigabit low-latency China-European terrestrial research circuit recently. The circuit is a high-speed scientific research network jointly funded and bid by China Science and Technology Cloud and pan European Research Network GEANT. The end-to-end delay of scientific data transmission traffic from Beijing to Frankfurt has been as low as more than one hundred milliseconds, which is only half of the transmission delay of the original submarine cable line. It is the lowest scientific data transmission delay between the scientific research institutions in China and Europe.

The research traffic between China and Europe has risen sharply after the opening of this research-specific land cable. China Science and Technology Cloud is debugging IPv6 routing on this line. The rapid transmission service of IPv6 research traffic between China and Europe will be opened soon. The opening of this high-speed scientific research line will greatly enhance the efficiency of scientific research data transmission between Chinese and European research institutions, and provide a world-class data transmission platform for in-depth cooperation between China and Europe in space science, high-energy physics, meteorological forecasting, astronomical joint testing and many other scientific research fields.

China Science and Technology Cloud is a comprehensive cloud service platform for the scientific community which will draw data from the academy's research institutes and major scientific installations, as well as top universities and private innovation centers. The platform aims to provide strong data and cloud computing services to bolster China's innovation capabilities and help create more original and influential scientific achievements.

For details, please contact Ms. Chen Jiangning (cjn@cstnet.cn).