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A Joint Conference Report: The Global Open Science Cloud Landscape


This report makes comprehensive review of worldwide open science practices in the international organizations, such as the UNESCO, International Science Council, CODATA, RDA, and in worldwide information e-infrastructures in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, Europe as well as others. “We are at the threshold of an era with unprecedented opportunities for cross-disciplinary and cross-border research collaborations”, says the report. Thus, the envision for GOSC was proposed in time for better interconnectivity between global research facilities, particularly under the umbrella of the UNESCO open science movement. Professor Li JIanhui, CAS GOSC Initiative PI, detailed the idea of the Global Open Science Cloud in this report, especially with GOSC roadmap and framework drawn up. Infrastructure-level endeavors taken towards open science, covers international, national, regional and institutional levels, with examples from the African Open Science Platform (AOSP), the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) Nectar Research Clouds, the China Science and Technology Cloud (CSTCloud), OpenAIRE in Europe, EGI and GEANT, etc. Funding agency representatives from China, Europe and US also showed very positive signs embracing open science for better international alignment. Among all of them, the Chinese Academy of Sciences provide seed funding for the GOSC Initiative starting from 2021.

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